“Time thou anticipat’st my dread exploits ” I believe this quote means only time can tell what happens in the future and how it is played out or only you cause you dread though out time

I believe this scene Macbeth experiences many apparitions that come and tell him many proficies about his future and Macbeth finds all these proficies frightening and as they flee he ask for more and they disappear in to fin air 

  1. true ghost stories

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I believe that Macbeth feels nervous about the prophecies and can’t control his anger

in this scene Lennox and the lord are talking about Macduff and him moving to England and how many strange thing happen after Duncan’s death

in this scene Macbeth and the lords have a conversation at the throne table and Macbeth spoke to the first murder all of a sudden Macbeth saw banquos ghost and started to freak out

I feel lady Macbeth act to Macbeths stating by being manipulative and this is shown in her language and tone ‘ornemets of life and live a coward in your own esteem ‘ I feel that the disappointment is shown in the last 5 words